Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Mastectomy Prosthesis: Alternative to Reconstructive Breast Surgery

If you have just gone through a mastectomy, you might be wondering about alternatives for getting the shape of a breast without undergoing another operation. A mastectomy prosthesis is worn in place of the removed tissue so that you have the appearance of having two breasts. This allows you to either not get reconstructive surgery or, at the very least, put it off until you’re sure that you want it.

In addition to varying shapes and sizes, prostheses can be made of different materials, such as silicone gel, fiberfill or foam. There are some that are weighted and others that are not. They can also differ in terms of how you wear them. Some mastectomy prostheses are meant to be used with bras made specifically for them, slipping into an opening within. Others use magnetic attachment, with one magnet attached to the back of the prosthesis while the other attaches to your skin.

There are two main categories to choose from:

These tend to feel and feel more natural. They are heavier than the other available materials. There are two basic options within this category.

• Symmetrical, also called pear-shaped, prostheses can be work on either the left or the right.
• Asymmetrical prostheses are designed specifically for use on one side or the other.

Made from either foam or polyester fill, these are the best choices when you’re still recovering from your surgery. They are more comfortable than silicone, easier to wash and can also be worn in water.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of prostheses and many women choose to have both types for different occasions. To learn more about prosthesis bras in Los Gatos please visit this website.

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