Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How to Cope With Hair Loss Caused by Breast Cancer

Coping with hair loss as a result of breast cancer can be a challenge. It may sound superficial, but we attach a lot our identities and self-expression to how we style our hair. For many, it truly symbolizes how different daily life is or will be, so an adjustment period is normal.

Allow Time to Grieve

Even if the doctor tells you about potential hair loss, it may still come as a shock when it happens. It is natural for you to need time to adjust and grieve, so allow plenty of room for those difficult emotions.


• Being upset is normal
• Understand your attitude will change
• Work towards self-acceptance
• Grieve and accept at your pace

Find and Join a Support Group

Often, it is very helpful to find others who are going through the exact same thing. It can be such a relief to not have to explain a situation so someone else can understand. Seek out cancer support groups and attend meetings as needed. It may also be worth it to talk to a counselor or therapist one-on-one. Additionally, try confiding in a trusted friend or family member. However you want to do it, find yourself a solid support system.

Ignore Hair Loss Prevention Methods

While there are hairs products than can strengthen your locks, most preventative measures simply do not work. Instead, work towards accepting your situation and explore other options like wigs or fun headpieces. Of course, there is never any shame in going out bareheaded. Hair may be beautiful, but you can still be gorgeous without it. To learn more chemotherapy wigs in Los Gatos, please visit this website.

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